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Our History :

One September Saturday morning in 1990, Tom Hope, Richard Smith and Dave Anderson sat in a Hong Kong bar struggling for a name to put on their Fringe Club submission to perform their as yet unwritten play in the coming January Fringe Club Festival. As their voices and those at the neighbouring table rose, a seriously hungover soul whispered ‘Not so loud, please!’ – and the name was born…

Since then, the Not So Louds have presented (on average) one original English language drama per year in Hong Kong and London, including:

1991 – Home Run

1992 – Serious Loss of Face; Bigger Than The Beatles

1993 – Chicken Wing

1994 – Hong Kong Hamlet

1995 – Soap For The Untouchables; Stop Press; The Maclehose Trail

1996 – Slippery Mountain; Amah Drama

1997 – The One Legged Puppet Show

1998 – At Sixes And Sevens

1999 – Tongue Tied

2004 – Part Time Punks

2006 - The A Grade Lads; The Mouse Queen

2007 - Flying Fish In The Sun

2008 – Slippery Mountain; The Making of YK Lee

To celebrate our 18th year, the Hong Kong Fringe Club is hosting a series of playreadings
of new original language drama plus a retrospective ‘Speed of Sound’ exhibition to run in
conjunction with The Making of Mr Lee during June 2008.



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